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My one year goal: A Healthy Body

Winter is definitely coming around the corner with Fall here. The nights are getting longer as the days are getting shorter. Usually around this time of year in Europe, The Netherlands I become lazy. I don’t really enjoy going out to the cold and instead I like having lazy evenings at home being warm and snuggled in blankets!

During this time of year, I also tend to get eat a lot more. It’s my way of passing time as I feel like I need to store food for the winter days. Nevertheless, this year I have a new approach to the winter coming! I am going to prepare for a healthy fit body for not just next summer, but a fit body I want for as a lifestyle.

Sometimes when you have new goals, and you keep it to yourself, it really does not get you far. Especially for me, as my motivation tends to decrease as the weeks or months pass. Therefore, I want to share my journey with all of you to have you as my cheerleader and share my progress with all of you who are planning or will want to follow this routine.

First of all, to keep motivated, I have enrolled myself into a new gym where it is more personal and smaller. All of my workout routines are closely coached so I can make sure I am not skipping any days and my postures are correct at all times. This ensures that I am getting the most out of my workout and not injuring my body! My goal is to work out at least twice a week with high intensity exercises and once per week with yoga to relax. (Of course, everyone should have their own workout schedule according to their body type) But this is the recommended schedule for me after taking a test at my gym.

Second of all, I have post-its all over my apartment to remind me of my goals and schedule.


Moreover, regular exercise isn’t enough for me to keep a healthy body. The food I eat is also very important to having a healthy and fit body. Therefore, I am reading more on healthy food to cook.


I will share with you the tips and nice recipes I learn!

Two strict rules I am starting to live by starting from today are:

  1. Try not to eat after 8 pm
  2. Drink a cup of lemon water in the morning, followed by green tea if you have timeIMG_0070.JPG

I hope you’ll continue to follow my fitness journey! I will keep you updated per week on how the progress is going, or sooner if there is something interesting!


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