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Looking for a Latin American grill?

It all started with my cravings for guacamole!

I went to visit my family in the South of the Netherlands for a celebration. While we were deciding what to eat for dinner, I had a sincere craving for guacamole. It was a nice day so they wanted to sit under the sun; thus we found a place called Rodeo (a Latin American grill restaurant) that fit both criterion. It worked out perfectly! In case you are wondering, it is located in the Grote Markt of Breda.


latin american grill quesidilas

Quesadillas with cheese, onion rings with garlic sauce and chicken wings with chilli sauce and bread with aioli but it was finished before I could take a picture!

Main course

chicken fajitas

Chicken Fajita with vegetables and guacamole sauce, sour cream and salsa sauce.

breda latin american grill

Seasoned rice and soft tortillas on the side. 

It was a gezellig experience! I enjoyed the chicken fajita a lot as it was seasoned very well even though it was a little oily especially towards the bottom. Overall nice though! If you like to try it out they also have a franchise in Tilburg and Eindhoven!



Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 20.35.56

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