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Happy Mother’s day X Keukenhof

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms!

So are you a lover of flowers and art? If so, Keukenhof is the place to visit in the Netherlands. It’s open this year from March 20th to May 17th where you are able to see all flowers you could possibly imagine. Honestly, it’s extraordinary if you’ve never been.


There are three showrooms: Orange Nassau, Beatrix and Willem-Alexander; all with their own themes such as the tulip show, roses show, orchid show, and lily show depending on the days you visit. Special event days also occur, for example if you go today on Mother’s Day, there will be an event called Romance in Keukenhof. Unfortunately I did not visit on a day of an event so I cannot describe it to you. Furthermore, if you enjoy a boat ride, they offer one for 45 minutes taking you to a trip around the park and through the bulb fields. The park is also very children friendly as they have a playground and a maze for them.

This year the theme for the park is Vincent Van Gogh, a very famous Dutch painter who is most known for his landscape, self portraits, portraits and sunflower paintings.

IMG_1867Self portrait of Vincent Van Gogh shown in Keukenhof


One of his most famous paintings, Still Life: Vase with twelve sunflowers shown in Keukenhof


Showcase of Van Gogh’s bedroom shown in Keukenhof


One of my most favourite captures from the park! 


Oneof my most favourite captures from the park! 


One of my most favourite captures from the park!

 It is recommended to go on a sunny day as a lot of the flowers are outdoors and remember to bring a comfortable pair of shoes as you’ll be walking a lot!

To see more photos of the park, look at my post from last year of Keukenhof called My Passion for Nature.You can find it if you type it in the search button on the top of my page. 



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