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Nice idea for vacation – Trip to London

Want to go somewhere on holiday but you’re on a time limit? A day trip to a different city or country is a nice idea and spontaneous surprise for someone or for yourself!

I was very fortunate to be surprised by my family for a day trip to London and I can tell you it’s one of the most pleasant surprises you can receive!

Tip- for planning a real surprise tell someone to prepare for something that is completely different than what is expected

Start off your day early so you have an entire day to spend


The sunrise was beautiful in the Netherlands.
I had no clue at that moment where I was heading!


Ended up at the airport

netherlands sky

Up above overlooking the Netherlands

Since I live in the Netherlands, the trip to London was only one hour! Once I arrived, my family and I headed to Victoria Station with online pre-booked tickets – you should do this as lines as it can take up to an hour when busy. Then we got on a hop on hop off bus,  a great idea especially for tourists if you like to see the city but dislike the tight time scheduled tours or driving. You are able to get off anytime as it stops all around the city and you can explore places you like to go and get back on at anytime you are done. It is valid for the entire day including a guided tour on the bus where it explains each of the streets you’re on. It is very useful to learn the culture, history and story of London.  The company I used was, Big Bus. Currently the second day is free and inlcudes a free cannel tour, nevertheless, it isn’t the cheapest one so if you only plan on using the bus I’d suggest you to pre-book it online and look at other companies.

london bridge

Going over the London Bridge

big ben

Big Ben, located in the north end of the Palace of Westminster 

london eye new

London eye, located South Bank of the River Thames

Then I had lunch eating the ever so popular Fish and Chips at a local pub St. James Tavern

fish and chips

Continued the trip on the hop on hop off bus.

dated buildings

I absolutely love the architecture in London, having dated buildings to very modern on the same street. This is the bank street of London. 

To top off the day we had High tea on a cruise so we were able to enjoy a British high tea and continue looking at the view of London.  

If you are looking for quality food for a high tea, I will not suggest eating on a cruise, nevertheless it is interesting for a day tour with a packed schedule!

high tea

A place I kept on passing but didn’t have time to enter was all the Jamie Oliver places so if you have comment below about it!

 Unfortunately for all you shopping lovers, I included, one day trips have a time limit so I wasn’t able to visit any of the shops or shopping streets such as Oxford Street.

All in all, London is a great place to visit for a day and day trips are great for surprises!



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