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Lets get ready for that summer body!

Summer is coming up and everyone should get in shape for the perfect summer body! Cause lets face it, who doesn’t admire it!?

In order for this to happen, it requires small changes in your habits starting today until the summer starts! The earlier you start your routine, the easier it is to reach your desired body by this summer! Once you are able to keep up the routine for a month or less, it should be natural.

So LiuLiveEat’s tips for achieving the summer body only requires two things: eating healthy and exercising! You don’t need to starve yourself, in fact you should not because once you start eating a lot again when you feel like you’ve achieved your goal, you might even gain more than when you started.

Start every morning with a healthy nutritious breakfast as it gives you energy for the day. Try to stay away from food that is overly sweet or contains too much sodium as what you eat in the morning can affect what you have later on in the day as  you start craving for more of it. Examples of a nice healthy breakfast would be oatmeal, muesli with fruits or nuts, or eggs for protein.

Then pick at least two days of the week to exercise and of course the more the better! Remember though, do not over work as well if you just started as you need to let your muscles restore. If you are already a member in the gym, that’s superb, now make your way there soon! Sometimes it can be hard to get yourself motivated if you go to the gym alone so join classes as it’s an excellent technique to encourage one another.

If you do not have a gym membership and do not wish to get one due to costs or lack of time, you can always exercise at home. A recommended option is to follow youtube videos. One that is neutral to use for both women and men is Fitness Blender.

Last tip, don’t eat at least two hours before you sleep and honestly drink less alcohol! Cause sometimes a lot of the bloating comes from it!

Enjoy! And hope you reach your goals!


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