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It’s coming to you left, right, front and back! How can you ignore all the sale signs everywhere you go? Well I definitely cannot! I’ve been shopping while the sales are still on cause this time around a lot of the stores have items that are still trending and suitable for the season!

Here are some items I got today

FullSizeRenderDark brown bag from Zara. It is a pretty big bag as I can fit my Macbook air 13 inch laptop and a lot of other items it in. I like the two front pockets as I can easily put my phone and other things in it safely but still be able to take it out without having to rummage through the other things in my purse. The colour is suitable and classic with a lot of outfits and looks professional.

Shop online at Zara

Stockholm hoodie from Pull and Bear. I usually don’t wear a lot of hoodies as I like to dress neat nevertheless it is nice to have something comfortable to wear especially during the cold winter days! I like this one a lot as it is a little oversized and very comfortable. The simple white and black make it easy to match with anything! If you are someone who likes simple, you can perhaps look around for another hoodie without the text!

Shop online at Pull and Bear 

Leather boots with heels from Invito. I like to look tall all the time but this weather is too cold for me to simply wear heels! So this pair is nice with heels and of course black is nice to match with anything!

Shop online at Invito 


Small purse with individual pockets from Mango. This is definitely a nice one to have for a night or day out. I always carry around a huge bag but sometimes all you need is your phone, money, and keys so this is perfect!

Shop online at Mango

You don’t need to like the items I’ve gotten today but you should definitely go shopping now!

Enjoy shopping!



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