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Ideas for Holiday Shopping

Happy Early Holidays everyone!

It’s that joyful time of year again with Christmas around the corner and New Years following. Everyone also knows in other words that it is time for shopping for gifts for friends and family. This comes easy for some of us, nevertheless, not for everyone! Here are Liu.Live.Eat’s ideas for this years gifts


1. Shower and cream sets!

Everyone likes something that smells good especially for the upcoming parties and celebrations they will be attending! A shower and cream set usually is a nice gift as a lot of stores currently have a well set package for a nice price. If it is for someone below the age of 25, a sweeter scent is usually a safer bet like fruity scents. However, if it is for someone older I usually recommended with a more calming scent

L'Occitane the best of everything christmas gift set

L’Occitane’s shower and cream set

body shop

Body Shop’s shower and cream set

2. A present linked to the person’s favourite activity

Get something that the person can use! Think of the number one thing that your person likes and get something useful for that activity. Personally I love to cook and eat, and this year I received an early Christmas gift, a grill set and trust me, it is not the number one ideal present for everyone to give or receive but sometimes it doesn’t need to be ideal in your mind as it is long as you are sure the person will use it, it will always be a safe bet. Cause trust me it is better than some well thought gift that you like on your side and then not have the person think of it the same way! So for example if the person is into sports you can give him/her sport equipments, if the person likes music you can buy him/her something he/she can use when listening to music or playing it.

3. Simply just write a card

Sometimes it does not have to be some fancy present. A card is usually the one thing that touches the heart if you truly put time and effort into writing or even creating a nice, unique one!

Happy shopping and holidays everyone!



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