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Day in Eindhoven The Netherlands

When I first arrived at the center of the city it looked a little different than the other cities in The Netherlands. I saw shopping malls surrounding me and it was not as crowded and international as Amsterdam.

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 13.13.41

The place looked more calm, clean and well structured. It is a nice city to shop in for some casual shopping, it has more high end brands to shops like Primark.

Everything is great in Eindhoven but there is one place I do not recommend in Eindhoven, Mint. Mint is a sushi and bar restaurant. When you walk into the restaurant you first go up narrow stairs in the left corner of another bar. The service and food is so-so and small. I saw a lot of Dutch customers turn and look at each other when one of the waitress came over. She was rude and asked people to eat the last piece of sushi so she can take the plate away when the table was clearly empty. Of course some of the other waiters were nicer, however I will still not recommend it. If you like sushi and grill I would highly recommend Sumo. It is for a similar price but the sushi and grill are much more fresher and larger. This is a menu card of the sushi in Sumo. Click on the link.

Nevertheless, there is no Sumo in Eindhoven, only in other cities so if you are willing to travel a little further I will recommend that, if not and you are really craving sushi and thats the only place you can go then here is a picture of it.


Sushi from Mint 


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