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Traveling to Volendam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Once you enter this city you will notice it is a little different from the other cities in the Netherlands. It is a little more chilly and the air seems to be a little more fresh. As you walk towards the pier you will see a section of fish stands. There are lots of variations of fish to choose from all fresh! If you are a fish lover it is highly recommended! And if not there is always other seafood to choose from.

If you like to explore the culture of Netherlands this is the perfect place to go. Along the pier there is also a free entrance cheese factory where you can buy cheese that comes in a lot of favours and see how cheese is produced.

There are a lot of traditional shops along the pier. The products are cheaper than Amsterdam but of the same! One of the cutest shop I’ve seen is a small shop called Knus. It sells home decorations with just simple things you can put around your house but adds a lot to it. It’s good for people who like peaceful decorations around your house. It is a very calm shop.


Safe travels!


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