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All day hydrating body butter

If you are looking for something extremely nice smelling and hydrating for your body you should use The Body Shop Body Butter. It comes in sixty sixty different smells! It is hard to miss the scent you like. When you apply it to your body it feels different than a normal cream or lotion. The texture is a lot thicker when applied. It hydrates your body and stays smooth for a long period of time unlike normal creams where the smoothness fades away during time as it absorbs into the body really fast. So if you like something that will make your skin stay hydrated for longer definitely try this body butter. The scent also lasts very long so sometimes you can even skip your perfume if you like a natural nice smell that stays all over your body!


One out of the sixty sixty body butters- Papaya Body Butter 



This is the latest body butter scent I chose. It is nice if you like a really sweet fruity smell!



6 thoughts on “All day hydrating body butter

  1. I love their body butters as well 🙂 I got there honeymania one as a gift when buying something else and it really makes your skin so smooth and soft. And there definitely is a flavor for everyone!

  2. I can’t believe I have only just discovered your blog! Thanks so much for following me on twitter and allowing me to discover this gem of a blog!!! Lots of love, Sophie Jane xox

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