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Oudaen- Utrecht Restaurant

If you are coming to Utrecht, The Netherlands for a visit, you will most likely come across the Stadskasteel Oudaen. It is located in the city centre of Utrecht along the Oudegracht which is the famous canel in Utrecht. It is a historical building consisting of a grand café room on the same level as the entrance (a nice location). It is the first room to the left when you enter. There you are able to taste different foods ranging from snacks to even dinner meals. On the first floor is the à la carte restaurant where you can go for a nice proper luxurious dinner and there is also a theater and it’s personal brewery located in the building. And lastly in the summer, there are seats for people to sit outside.

I went to visit the grand café and the decorations did indeed look historical yet cosy. The food is nice and decent portions.

Note- There is a house cat in the grand café so if you are allergic to cats you have been told!


Dinner menu- Burger consisting of bacon, beef patty, tomato, cheddar, onion and fries with a salad on the side 

If you visit the official website you are able to see the menu online. I linked the menus from the official site for easier access!

http://www.oudaen.nl/web/html/filesystem/storeFolder/15/2014%20Plokkaart%20diner%20EN%20enkellaags.pdfThis is for the grand- café menu

http://www.oudaen.nl/web/html/filesystem/storeFolder/15/restaurantkaart%20EN%20enkellaags.pdfThis is for the restaurant menu



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