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Mick O’ Connells


If you’re out on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday with your classmates, coworkers from your part time job or with simply friends you should stop by Mick O’ Connells, Utrecht, The Netherlands. They offer student meals if you have a student card and ESN card gives you discounted drinks every night! It is an Irish pub with a relaxing setting. You can choose to watch a game on the TV around the pub or just sit around the bar to drink. There are tables for people to sit and talk as well as a room for playing pool.

It is recommended for an evening where you just want to enjoy and relax in a fun environment but not in a very crowded setting with lots of people standing, just drinking and dancing. If you do not happen to be in Utrecht, or The Netherlands you should check your local area for a similar environment for a night out!

Location: Jansdam 3, 3512 HA, Utrecht, The Netherlands


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