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Whether you are female or male, you should consider taking 10-20 minutes out of your day everyday to do some simple exercises. Not only does it change your shape of your body, it also changes the way you feel in the inside. Once you start exercising you will start feeling fresh and more energetic in your day or help you relax before you sleep. There are two types of exercise: aerobic and anaerobic. The literal meaning of aerobic is with oxygen whereas anaerobic exercising is strength training.

Aerobic exercising is training your heart at moderate level for a long period of time, simple types of aerobic exercising include:

  • running, jogging
  • swimming
  • biking

This strengthens your lungs, heart as well as improves the overall health of your body. It also helps you lose weight.


 Anaerobic exercising is strength training, speed and power. Common methods of anaerobic exercising include:

  • weight training
  • sprinting

This helps you gain muscle as well as shape your body. The benefits of anaerobic exercises are increasing your endurance, building muscle and helping you burn calories efficiently.


my naills


This is my personal dumbbells for strength training

I also have a membership at a local gym. You can buy them at your local exercise stores for men or woman, of course it doesn’t have to be pink! Classes with a lot of people motivate me to go more often. For men, it is better to have a set schedule for what to do every week.



2 thoughts on “Exercising

  1. Love how simply you state it – changes your body and makes you feel good on the inside.
    -Michelle (fellow exercise addict and proponent!)

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