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Brush Cleanser

Everyone who uses make up should know that brushes need to be cleaned. If you did not know in the past, it is not a problem because now you know! Typically a brush should be cleaned at least once per week. Depending on how often you use your brush you should clean it more regularly. It takes less than five minutes to do and the effect is dramatic! It is also very hygienic to do so especially when it is used around your face with is very sensitive. The blush cleanser I recommend and use is the MAC brush cleanser.

It looks like this 


It is it a rather big bottle for its price so it is definitely recommended. It comes in a transparent bottle with a pink coloured cleanser that disinfects the brush and leaving the brush in place like it looked like when you first bought it.

Cleaning your brush is a simple process.

1. Take a tissue paper (preferably kitchen tissue that is clean as it is a little thicker in my opinion)


 2. Fold your tissue into four so it is smaller and even thicker and pour a couple of drops of the solution onto the paper



3. Rub your brush on the solution in the direction of the bristles of the brush so you do not damage the brush back and forth until all the make up is gone from the brush


4. You now have a clean brush that is fresh and just put it to dry! 





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